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Doug and I first met in 1965 at a cattle sale in Wandoan. Marrying in 1969 and working for Doug’s parents until 1973, we as third generation Bradshaws took over Red Range. 
Sales Venues for 2017:
Emerald Ag Grow sale - 7th July 2017. 
Selling 25 bulls at the Ag Grow Sale.

Kingaroy Sale - 30th September 2017
Selling 10 Bulls at the Kingaroy sale.
Read further to learn more about Blue Dog Simmentals breeding objectives for maternal, fertile, structural correctness, temperament and longevity.
Maternal, Fertile, Tender, Palatable, Temperament, Longevity, Serving Capacity, and Structural Correctness

Blue Dog Simmentals was established out of a need in 2005 when we weren't able to find the type of bulls we required to make our breeding and fattening enterprise a viable business. We spent twelve years going backwards; with calving problems, temperament problem cows, heifers not going in calf, and failing to produce a weaner. So began the costly search for a sire with an expert in tow to help us. We advertised in over three states and offered a cash incentive for the right kind of sire. This led to us to buy the right type of females too.

Knowing that it is all female orientated, we decided to breed our own females. We also decided to breed our own bulls as it was nearly impossible to find the right type of bull. After looking at many, we came home with the right bull. This led to the exciting start of Blue Dog Simmentals. To this day, many years later, the excitement we have in being able to produce and sell the right product to other like-minded commercial breeders is still there.

In the nine short years since establishing Blue Dog Simmentals, we have achieved many milestones, winning champion overall pen of store steers with a pen of simbrah steers, equal top priced bull at Rocky All Breeds sale - a first for Simmentals, winning Super bull at the Taroom show and Senior bull at Farmfest, Toowoomba.
Blue Dog Simmentals Commercial & Stud Breeders
Blue Dog Simmentals have won Supreme Simmental bull at Sydney Royal. We have had great success at Brisbane Royals winning all Champion trophies at least once. One year we won Junior heifer, Junior bull, Supreme cow, and Reserve Senior bull - an achievement we are very proud of. 

While these achievements are great, our focus and our passion is to breed for the commercial breeder. To be able to pass on to them the right genetics to improve better eating quality, more weight at an earlier age, high-fertility, temperaments we all dream about, structural correctness, and in our bulls; high serving capacity.

2014 saw excitement high once again with our first calves by Granger arriving. I must say we were not disappointed as the maturing bulls were very impressive. 

2015 saw us purchasing Justified from South Australia. Anticipation is high with his calves due in December.

With our bulls being sold into most parts of Queensland, it is pleasing to hear that our bulls hold their condition even in the driest of times and that everyone is really happy with their offspring.

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